Multi Parameter Patient Monitor

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December 11, 2017
December 11, 2017

Multi Parameter Patient Monitor

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Elegant and compact appearance, high mechanical rigidity. Built-in handle for easy transport.

Brand : Cardio Tecnica
Category : Patient Monitor
Type : MA512
Stok : 6  Unit



  • Easy access to connections
  • Connectivity
  • Easy Transport
  • Intuitive Interface



Input Circuit: Floating – Patient leakage current: less than 10µA Protect from defibrillation.

ECG mode: 5-leads and 3-leads selectable

SpO2 Display: Digit, waveform, pulse rate.

Respiration Measuring Method: impedance.

NIBP method: Automatic oscillometric.

Manual/Auto/Stat Measurement of NIBP, Auto interval selectable

Two temperature with calculation of differential temperature.

BCI EtCO2 module, Method side stream .

CO2 display: Waveform, respiration rate, EtCO2, InCO2.

Dual IBP provided with world standard sensor and accesories.

Measurement of pressure SYS/DIA/MAP

Cardiac output module: Method Thermodilution

CO display: Cardiac Output Measurement Results, Temperature

of Blood, Temperature of Injection


Elegant and compact appearance, high mechanical rigidity.

Built-in handle for easy transport.

Easy operation with user friendly menu structure design and rotary dial.

Two kinds visual screen: Waveform Mode or Numeric Mode.

High data storage capacity. Presentation in the form of trends and tables of values.

QRS complex: indicator visual and audible from the ECG or SpO2

Individual speed control for the circulatory system and respiratory system.


Night Mode

Digital Control of Brightness and Audio Volume.

Menu, messages and indications in three selectable languages.

Date and time in display.

Name of the Institution in display.


Full alarm feature include 3 alarm level, alarm sound, alarm light and on screen alarm message.

Alarms: physiological, messages and techniques.

Silence Alarm.


AC input 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz

Built-in Rechargeable Battery

Ambulance 12V DC application